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Our Guarantee

The success of MASTERPIECE HARDWARE INDUSTRIAL comes from focusing on business strategies in association with the commitment to the highest standards of products. MASTERPIECE HARDWARE INDUSTRIAL has also established the most advanced testing facilities in fastener industry. Accredited by customers we have also set up the most advanced and direct tests which clients and suppliers can take full advantage of the testing equipment and the services of the highly qualified quality control team experienced in the requirements of the hardware industry.

Quality Policy

  • Our objective is to make the company's fundamental policies of marketing not only meet but exceed customer' expectations.
  • Our goal is to create an environment in which every individual is fully committed to the highest standards of personal quality and service, both to Customers and colleagues.

Quality Philosophy

The Quality Philosophy of MASTERPIECE HARDWARE INDUSTRIAL is founded on the following principles:

  • Quality is a process of continuous improvement.
  • Every employee must be involved in and equally committed to quality.
  • Quality is conforming to, or exceeding, customer expectations.

Quality Control Laboratory