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Masterpiece is a hardware manufacturer of screws and fasteners with high tolerances. We focus on short runs of constructional and commercial fasteners. With in-house centerless grinding. Masterpiece hardware supplier is able to maintain a tolerance of 0.0004" on most unplated products, and 0.0008" on most plated products. Our standard and custom designed fasteners are structurally sound, cost- effective, and aesthetically pleasing. Unusual materials construction and standard-product modifications are our specialty.

When developing custom fasteners for customers, as a professional hardware supplier in Taiwan, we utilize a fundamental knowledge of good joint design, together with a thorough understanding of the purpose, geometry, components and loads involved in your particle parts. We use calibration testing machines, thread gauge drilling machines, torque wrenches, salt spray test machines, concentricity gauges and depth gauges to make sure that every item conforms to ANSI, DIN, BS and IFI standards. For information on our extremely competitive prices, please contact us today.

If you source DIY fasteners from us, you not only benefit from our 2000-item product range, but also from our extensive packaging services, because you will save time and money by having your preferred products packed in shelf-ready cardboard boxes, polythene bags, skin and blister packaging, and more. No wonder we're a hit with companies who understand that time is money-retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, ScrewFix Direct and B&Q are among our customers..


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